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About Pitch Brown Group


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Pitch Brown Group (PBG) is a conglomerate geared towards the advancement of Black people throughout the diaspora in a multitude of fields, such as: media, public relations, and entrepreneurship.

The current focus of PBG is to create brand awareness and grow one of its subsidiaries, Pitch Brown Media, a digital media company dedicated to producing impactful content for the diaspora.

About the Creator

Brittnie Applon -- creator

Ironically, it has always been difficult to write about myself. There are a lot of things I can say, much of which most people have no interest in. However, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I consider myself pretty cool by default. Weird, but cool (or poppin’ because I still love that word) nonetheless. No glitz, no glamour, and surely not enough sun. Between my creative nature and ability to express myself better with words, it was a no-brainer I became a writer. Well, sort of. The things I enjoy most I write for leisure; the things I write most are for education and career. I am alright with graphics and have an eye for photographs. Naturally, music is my thing. It only made sense to merge all the things I have taken a liking to.

The gears in my head are in constant motion. I am always doing, seeking, and creating. In July 2016, I came up with the idea for PBG as a way to combat the lack of Blackness in media. As a Black creative immersed in Blackness, it was organic. We have Oprah with the OWN Network, Shonda Rhimes with Shondaland, and Issa Rae with Issa Rae Productions. Why not have more.

— Brittnie Applon, Founder of Pitch Brown Group