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June Was Black Music Month: The Music Was Good, But A Bish Is Tired

It is the end of June, which means Day 112 of quarantine. And in case you didn’t know it was a Black azz month with Black Music Month, Juneteenth, and Pride Month (it is time to reclaim it).

Life Update

My body is fed up with me and I am on my last food to eliminate from my diet before I say F it and eat a pancake. It has probably been the worst inflammation month I have experienced since I gave up nightshades. I just want to be pain free and it is upsetting me and my homegirls (I am homegirls…so really it is just me, myself, and I). I have been stressed out a tad about work, the state of the world, and my health which in turn messes with my health. My only solace has been music (since I have not been in the mood to write for leisure…which is why I am always scrambling at the end of the month to write something to continue meeting my goal). A. Bish. Is. Tired. But, the music has been good.

Black Music Month

Like I mentioned in my April post, I have been logging the albums I listen to during quarantine via Twitter. I have been trying to listen to complete albums with singles or songs I love and albums from artists I never heard before. To be honest, I haven’t really listened to albums from artists I never heard before. BUT, I have been doing a good job and not listening to most of the albums I highly regard (I’ve slipped up a few times). Based on my list you can see sort of a theme or where the inspiration may have come from, how some of the albums and sounds intertwine. I think my list says a lot about me and how I am in a constant state of all things nostalgia in sound even if the album is new (to me).

For Black Music Month, I didn’t have much of a goal to celebrate. I am a complete lover of music and I have always been, so June is a fitting month for me. I was still emotionally in a rut like the rest of the world given the pandemic we are still in and the social climate. The world is on fire figuratively and quite literally. For June, I just wanted to be sure I supported and listened to most Black music, which isn’t hard because that is the bulk of my music (besides the occasional BBMak, N’Sync, Jon B., Teena Marie, Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald or Christina Aguilera). If you check out my quarantine thread (linked above) you can see what I’m vibing to. I try to update the list every month, so I don’t fall too much behind. I currently have five tweets of albums I need to post by the end of the night (June 30).

A Glimpse Into the List

If you curious about what albums I have been listening, here is a little taste of some of the artists:

  • New Edition
  • Bobby Brown
  • H-Town
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Faith Evans
  • Beyoncé
  • Jagged Edge
  • Disclosure
  • Ella Mai
  • The Internet

I know the list sounds generic and like a no brainer, but some of these artists I have NEVER listened to their FULL album(s) until this quarantine started. Don’t judge me.

Honestly, I didn’t have much to say. I just wanted to do a little update since that is where I am at right now with the writing. I hope one day soon I will have the energy to write something thoughtful and speaks to the spirit. Til next month. Treat yourself well.