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About Pitch Brown Media

Pitch Brown Media (PBM) is a digital media platform dedicated to all things Black. Intending to capture us in our purest form, PBM is committed to producing authentic and meaningful content for the diaspora. From fun to complex, PBM covers a wide range of topics, fields and industries. Some of those include: art, beauty, education, film, food, music, and wellness. Pitch Brown Media was founded by Brittnie Applon in July 2016 and is a part of Pitch Brown Group, its holding company.

Currently, PBM produces a YouTube series called the “Academic Bar.” It discusses the ins and outs of public relations and media from an academic perspective.

Pitch Brown Media operates on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

Other upcoming projects to be announced

Be sure to follow Pitch Brown Media on Twitter and Instagram for insights and behind-the-scenes footage. Don’t forget to subscribe to PBM’s YouTube channel for all of the currently produced series and future behind-the-scenes footage of events and projects.

Want to know more about the woman behind the platform? Don’t forget to check out the About section to learn more about Brittnie Applon and what Pitch Brown Group is.